There’s quite a lot of information on this site now (and it’s growing!), so it’s easy to get a little lost. There’s a page with just all the latest posts, and you can get to that anytime by clicking “latest” up at the very top-right of the page.

If you want to delve back into the archives a bit, though, there are a few options. These can all be accessed from the sidebar on the right.

You can look at the posts from a particular month, using the “Archives” box. If you fiddle about with the address, you can see a whole year or day.

Or, you can pick a category. These are broad types of posts. The main ones are:

  • Researcher’s Log: my semi-regular record of my struggle to stay sane amidst an avalanche of charts and data. It’s the “blog”.
  • Getting Started: The best place for beginners to start (go figure!). Introductory essays and overview information on poverty, the geography and history of Africa, etc.
  • The Main Proposals: Summaries of the main plans, schemes and ideas put forward in the last few years for Africa’s salvation – and the criticisms of those plans.

There will be more and more categories as time goes by.

Alternatively, for a more subject-specific set of posts, you can use topics. Say, for example, you wanted to see everything I’d written about aid. You scroll down to the “topics” section in the sidebar, and click on “aid” (the topics are in alphabetical order, and the larger a topic, the more posts there are about it). That will take you to the topic page for aid, listing all the posts about “aid”. Simple!

If you want to get really clever, and see all the posts with a combination of topics, you can use a “+” sign in the address. So for all posts about “Sachs” and “aid”, you click to the aid page and add “+sachs” to the end of the address like so:


Easy easy easy.

Topic and category pages can be bookmarked just like regular pages, and they even have their own RSS feeds! Just add “feed” to the address of the page you want, like so:


However you navigate, you’ll be often seeing introductory excerpts of posts. To see the whole thing, just click its title.

Finally, if there’s no tag for what you’re looking for, use the Search box, also down in the right-hand sidebar.

I’ve tried to make this site as easy to get around as possible. Let me know what you think by commenting below, or see the Get in touch page for more ways to offer feedback.


One Response to “Using this site”

  1. Evert Says:


    1. Outside Africa there a more poor people than inside. There is a lot to be learned from what is happening outside Africa to get out of poverty.

    2. In India there are NGO’s who apply village integrated approaches fairly succesful. Sachs has visited them lately and seemed to be impressed (after all they do it for many years between 5 and 20 years of experience they have) as they are succesful in ‘ delivering’ economically sustainable villages (long before the EndOfPoverty book was written).

    check them out:

    http://www.assist-india.org (about 370 villages)

    http://www.byrrajufoundation.org (about 180 villages)

    3. In the end it’s all about us not spreading wealth through proportional profits in a value chain (a. in other words the West takes too much for themselves and b. the poor’s productivity levels are far too low to make the self reliant and we are not helping them enough to catch up with us).

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