Over time, I’ll provide a full bibliography of my research. In the meantime, you can read:

Getting Started
Good starting resources include:

Detailed Africa political map

Wikipedia’s Africa Portal and main Africa article

Guide to the Millennium Development Goals

Poverty and Growth Blog’s Friday Academy

The main reports in favour of aid, debt relief and trade rule alteration:

Report of the Africa Commission

Final report of the UN Millennium Development Commission

Make Poverty History Manifesto

I’m looking for more detailed sources on the cases against aid, debt relief and trade rule changes, but for now have a look at:

“Anti-Humanitarian Aid: The moral case for ending assistance to dictatorships”

“How Will Greater Foreign Aid Help the Poor This Time?”

“Unconditional Debt Relief Is a Big Mistake”

The argument over trade rules is horribly complicated, but a good starting point is:

“Are global poverty and inequality getting worse?”

Please feel free to suggest good resources you find by leaving a reply.


Blogs are a useful way to keep up with the latest reports and developments; however, they’re often also a good way to get exposed to a lot of poorly informed opinions. Ones we like include:

Development Blogs (combines 25 useful blogs!)

Trade Diversion (notes on trade and globalisation, from a fairly pro-free trade perspective)

Our Word Is Our Weapon (similar, but less enthusiastic about free trade)

Poverty and Growth Blog (by World Bank staff)

TIME Global Health Blog (good coverage of the main issues of AIDS, Malaria, etc)

Managing Globalisation (from the International Herald Tribune)

Hii Dunia (freelance articles on development)

If it’s easier, you can see the latest from all these blogs on one page, or as an RSS feed.

There are also a few journal blogs I keep up with that don’t discuss the issues as much but track the lives and work of people in Africa, from Africans themselves to western do-gooders. You can read them all on one page.

Another good site is Mixeye, which includes some of the best articles from all sorts of sites like this one – including lots on Africa.

Still want more?

Blimey, you’re eager. Well, feel free to take a look at Rav’s del.icio.us bookmarks and have a click around. Pretty much everything that catches his eye is there. Alternatively, this excellent guide will give you other places to look for information.

And if you find anything good, tell us! Good luck!


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